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Junior/Middle DevOps Engineer

за домовленістю

Компанія: ISM Ukraine
Контактна особа: Дмитрий Антонюк
Місто (регіон): Житомир

Основна інформація:

ISM Ukraine is the Ukrainian division of the Dutch company ISM eGroup founded in 1992. We develop solutions in the areas of e-commerce and e-learning for customers from Europe and the US.
We are looking for Junior/Middle DevOps Engineer in one of our teams.

About our team:
Easygenerator is an award-winning e-learning tool, recognized foroutstanding achievements in the field of corporate learning. The company is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and has over 50?000 users in over 150countries. Our clients (among them are such giants as Zanussi, Electrolux,Siemens and DeLonghi) embrace the tool to optimize learning experience fortheir employees.
We are ambitious about developing our product, and we are looking for teamplayers who are highly motivated, disciplined and reliable. We providecomfortable atmosphere, challenging and stretching tasks and mentorship, and we expect responsibility, initiative and learning agility from you.
Our Core Values - Be Ambitious, Build Trustful Relationships, Experiment -are fundamental to everything we do.

Job Description
- Building, maintaining and improving CI/CD infrastructure
- Automation of the project related processes
- Monitoring and resolving application related issues
- Researching and planning infrastructure development

JUNIOR Devops Engineer
For a we are ready to provide coaching and training on site - if you feel you have the basics and can learn fast, our team will support your growth.
Required skills:
- Experience administrating Linux systems
- Experience in coding\scripting (like bash, powershell, python, etc)
- Networking understanding: TCP\IP, DNS, Routing, network security
- Strong team player with good communication skills
- English: Pre-Intermediate

Will be advantage:
- Experience with Web servers (like Nginx, Apache, IIS)
- Experience with log management systems
- Experience with monitoring and alerting systems
- Experience working with cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
- Experience with containers (docker, kubernetes)
- Experience with continuous integration and delivery systems (like Jenkins, CircleCI)
- Experience in using version control and management systems: GIT, Github

What we offer:
- Great company culture
- An international team that challenges you all the time to find the best possible solutions and improve your skills
- A competitive salary
- Growth opportunities
- A comfortable office - Free coffee
If you are interested in this job - please submit your resume using our system for working with candidates http://smrtr.io/378WQ
You also can send it to our e-mail: [відгукнутися]
For additional information please contact:
Dmitry Antonyuk
Office: +38(0412) 44?54?03;
Mobile: +38(067) 758?29?91;


Дмитрий Антонюк
0412445403, 0677582991
e-mail: не вказано

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